Quality Assurance


Purpose Quality monitoring is done frequently and is more than just monitoring correspondence between employees and the clients. Standards are set and coaching is based on individual perfor- mance with expectations always being raised.

Al Tahadi’s customer service model ensures that customers are greeted appropriately and that they receive the correct details the first time.


This Quality Assurance Plan describes the control procedures and practices of Al Tahadi Travel Group Quality procedures and lists current documents. The plan also describes the overall organization of the company with emphasis on authority accountability and responsibilities. This document also provides structured activities within the company that promote efficient and cost effective operations resulting in quality services that satisfy client requirements.


By providing efficient and economical services to deliver reliable and suitable travel services that conform to all applicable requirements. Al Tahadi’s goal achieves quality performance that enhances its reputation and company strength.

Al Tahadi Travel Group’s performance is founded on the internationally recognized Total Quality Man- agement System. The Quality Assurance Plan procedures prescribes the overall policy, directions, and methods required to be implemented by all personnel.

Quality goals shall be established to meet customer and company expectations.

Al Tahadi Travel Group Quality Process


Provide the service in accordance to the requirements, procedure and policy of the corporate.


Make sure that every itinerary or service is complete and accurate.

Service level

Service level The services should be delivered with agreed time frame and in accordance with the custom- er expectation. A customer satisfaction survey is conducted quarterly.

Per each measurement there is a procedure to make sure it is being applied correctly to ensure the highest quality of service




1. All the legal documents have been signed
2. 2. All the policies and procedures of the company have been loaded to the system, and visible for the assigned staff
3. Only authorized representatives exchange information
4. Staff is fully trained on the company policy and procedure before any interaction

Quality of service

1. Only experienced and trained staff are assigned for corporate travel
2. Each reservation is made after checking the best rate on CRS system and the B2B system for low cost airlines
3. Gain authorization by company representative before booking is made
4. In case of a complaint, an investigation will be opened to trace all communications 5. Audit the itinerary and service by accountant section on daily basis
6. Internal audit checks every month to ensure governance of company
7. Yearly external audit done by third party

Service level

1. 24/7 support help desk
2. Assigned account manager per each account
3. Request is done according to its urgency, per date of travel and person position, or by the policy of the company
4. Request must be executed within 48 hours

Al Tahadi Travel Group always strives for unique service and by ensuring that the mis- sion is being delivered up to the expectation level of customers. Al Tahadi promises:

Al Tahadi promises:

1. The best rate is being offered
2. The best service is being offered
3. Being available at any time
4. Making the process smooth and simple to understand 5. Flexibility

CRS Functionalities used to ensure the lowest prices available:

  • Al Tahadi uses international branches and partners worldwide to get the best rates applicable for countries in addition to Jordan through the GDS’s (Amadeus Galileo & Sabre) including all discounted rated.
  • Direct contracts with legacy airlines.
  • Being the number one travel agent in Jordan in terms of BSP Sales the best discounted rates and lowest fares are directly contracted with the airlines.
  • Online Websites for both legacy airlines and low cost carriers for fare comparison.
  • For airlines that aren’t present in the CRS’s, interline e-ticketing hubs available such as the HR & GP plate will be used.
  • Direct Contracts with over 120 low-cost airlines covering all global destinations.

Auditing Process in Al Tahadi Travel Group:

  • In house accounting department monitoring the actual pricing of the tickets on a daily basis.
  • Internal Auditor-monthly
  • External Auditor-yearly

Technical Assistance

Dedicated IT department personnel help to improve and enhance access to online information resources required to effectively accomplish the agency’s objectives and to provide effective technology solutions to any IT issues that might occur on a 24-7 basis.

Ongoing Training Sessions

  • Feedback from the monitoring process is objective, as Al Tahadi uses a method of scoring and evaluating that is fair and agreed by all in advance.
  • The company believes the more time and effort that is invested into maintaining quality standards, the better the service.

Customer feedback process

A feedback process has been implemented into operations to gauge customer satisfaction. The customer advocacy survey helps to validate the steps.

Customer feedback is essential because it provides us with insight we use to improve our overall customer experience.

Data Back up

Servers are responsible for backing up and restoring files, folders, databases and hard drives on a network in order to prevent the loss of data in the event of a hard drive failure, user error, disaster or accident.

The systems used are:

A. Windows system backup
B. Backup4all Software
C. Periodic image backup

– Cyberoam firewall and Unified threat management
– Servers are hosted internally with secure certificate
– IP addresses are Class C “192.169.x.x” for internal and with 6 external IP’s
– E-mail server is Microsoft Exchange 2013

Surveillance system

Live camera monitoring and a remote camera monitoring service.

Fire Alarms

Video surveillance systems not only watch out for encroaching fires, but fire hazards as well. It keeps the company and its assets far away from the potential of fire damage. It automatically alerts the local authorities to give them enough time to handle the hazard.

Our Local Branches

Amman – Head Quarter

Address: 7 Adbul Hamid Shouman St. Al Shmisani – Amman – Jordan
Phone: +962 567 3333
Mobile: +962 6 561 5561
E-mail: info@tahaditours.com.jo


Address: Irbid – Baghdad St. – Post Circle
E-mail: amin.i@tahaditours.com.jo
Phone: +962 2 7249595
Mobile: +962 79 554 1640

Haya Travel & Tourism Services

Address: 206 King Hussein St. Abdali – Amman
E-mail: info@hayatravel-jo.com
Phone: +962 6 5669336
Mobile: +962 79 625 7070

Al Sadiq Travel and Tours

Address: 7 Adbul Hamid Shouman St. Al Shmisani
E-mail: info@alsadiq-travel.com
Phone: +962 6 567 7217

Our Global Branches


Ashal Travel and Tours

Address: Qurish St., Qurish commercial center Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 6823954
Toll Free: 920003245
E-mail: info@ashaltravel.com


Al Tahadi Travel and Tours

Address: Rafedia street – Nablus – Palestine
Phone: +9709 238 1177
Mobile: +970 59 5581177


Ramz Al Tahadi for Travel & Tourism

Address: Al Karrada Kharej, 915 Almahalla, Zuqaq 9 St., Building 2
Phone: +964 790 1911601
E-mail: ramz@tahaditours.com.jo
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