Wadi Rum: just a one-hour drive from the port, venture into this timeless, beautiful spot. Wadi Rum is home to several Bedouin tribes and is famous for being the legendary land of T.E. Lawrence and his Arab compatriots.

  • A UNESCO natural reserve
  • The journey to Wadi Rum is almost like a trip to the moon: a vast, timeless place, starkly beautiful and virtually untouched by humans.
  • Wadi Rum has been featured as a background setting in several films including Lawrence of Arabia and The Martian starring Matt Demon.

You will need to drive from the pier to the Wadi Rum’s Visitor’s Center, where you will switch over to a four-wheel drive vehicle for your two-hour desert drive. Nearby, the “Seven Pillars of Wisdom” form a dramatic backdrop. The magnificent scenery is a little changed from the days when Lawrence rode across the sands.

Geologists believe Wadi Rum developed because of a strong upheaval beneath the earth’s surface, which caused a large crack to form. Huge sandstone and granite Jbal (mountains) shoot up from the lunar-like landscape. Some of the ridges are over 300 meters (1000 feet) high, often topped with domes worn smooth by the desert winds. Your guide will point out numerous rock slabs with Talmudic inscriptions dating back thousands of years. Archways created by the ceaseless winds that have worn down the sandstone seem manmade. Deep, narrow canyons and undulating sand dunes complete the picture.

For many centuries, fresh water springs attracted trading caravans moving between the Arabian Peninsula, Syria and Palestine. Today, several Bedouin tribes call the valley home. Stop by for refreshments at Captain’s Desert Camp, where traditional Arabic tea and delicacies are offered in the shade of a Bedouin tent.

Your time in the pink-hued valley draws to a close as you head back to a vehicle awaiting you for the return drive to Aqaba.

  • Pick up from hotel at Aqaba (approximately two-hour drive)
  • Trip to Wadi Rum will be through a two-hour, four-wheel drive through the largest and most magnificent of Jordan’s desert landscapes
  • Return to hotel

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