Corporate Travel

No matter the strategy or business, it must be tailored to suit different market conditions in order for it to work and travel is no different. With the local knowledge and expertise of Al Tahadi partners, and corps.

Al Tahadi Travel Group is proud to provide:

  • Greater visibility and control of all multinational locations – consolidated global management orate programs are designed to reflect all market needs.
  • information and a dedicated global account management structure.
  • Al Tahadi introduces a corporate program to the degree of control the clients require.
  • Increased savings from local/global deals and increased policy compliance – access to global reporting enhances data to power improved deals, especially with hotels and ensures that all deals and policies are supported to maximize performance and savings.
  • Service consistency – Al Tahadi’s approach to providing service excellence is the key to success.
  • Access to the best local, regional and global knowledge – each of Al Tahadi’s partners are inde- pendently owned and a leader in their respective local market.

Corporate Travel – Our Corporate Travel Management System

As time is money in the business world, clients save millions of dollars in travel expenditure from Al Tahadi’s 24/7 support. This proven track record towards constant improvement with partners has brought many reputable businesses to choose Al Tahadi as their travel agent to trust. Travel booking agents at Al Tahadi Travel offer a wide range of corporate travel in and around the world. The company always delivers the most distinguished professional travel services.

Travel Management Services Strategic Plan

Al Tahadi Travel Group will provide:


  • Ticket issuance through the local CRS and direct airline online systems using company login creden- tials.
  • Global partners will assist with airlines that have no presence in local CRS.
  • Transit timings will be provided in coherence with all booking requests.
  • Detailed travel itineraries.
  • Connecting airlines directly for steamship carriers, refunds; and where possible, advance seat assignments and advance boarding passes.
  • Fare comparison locally, regionally and globally.
  • Airlines direct websites for fare comparison.

Delivery of tickets for air, rail, bus via e-mail and courier delivery
Accurate and automated reconciliation of travel charges incurred through the government’s CBA and GTR accounts.

Reservations for lodging accommodations;

  • Using Al Tahadi’s corporate travel management solution connecting to the major hotel providers worldwide (HotelBeds, DOTW, and GTA).
  • Direct quotations from global partners and the major service providers.

Commercial automobile rental services;

  • We are the official representative of EuropCar-special rates are dedicated to our company.
  • Direct quotations from our global partners and the major service providers.
  • Direct contact with the embassies to provide the most accurate and updated travel information such as: entry requirements, passports and health conditions.
  • Our dedicated visa center will assist to obtain visas worldwide.
  • Travel insurance services through our own travel insurance department with using our dedicated discounted rates.

Our Local Branches

Amman – Head Quarter

Address: 7 Adbul Hamid Shouman St. Al Shmisani – Amman – Jordan
Phone: +962 567 3333
Mobile: +962 6 561 5561


Address: Irbid – Baghdad St. – Post Circle
Phone: +962 2 7249595
Mobile: +962 79 554 1640

Haya Travel & Tourism Services

Address: 206 King Hussein St. Abdali – Amman
Phone: +962 6 5669336
Mobile: +962 79 625 7070

Al Sadiq Travel and Tours

Address: 7 Adbul Hamid Shouman St. Al Shmisani
Phone: +962 6 567 7217

Our Global Branches


Ashal Travel and Tours

Address: Qurish St., Qurish commercial center Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 6823954
Toll Free: 920003245


Al Tahadi Travel and Tours

Address: Rafedia street – Nablus – Palestine
Phone: +9709 238 1177
Mobile: +970 59 5581177


Ramz Al Tahadi for Travel & Tourism

Address: Al Karrada Kharej, 915 Almahalla, Zuqaq 9 St., Building 2
Phone: +964 790 1911601
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