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In the 1950’s El Qirem Group began in the Jordanian construction industry, and then continued to expand throughout the years into additional countries and other sectors including manufacturing and education. In 2004, El Qirem ventured into the travel industry as a holding company for Al Tahadi Travel and Tours who rapidly became a leader within the Jordanian market.

Armed with the knowledge of how to maintain a solid infrastructure while employing youthful minds. Al Tahadi is able to thrive in the face of globalization and the continuously updated technology within the travel industry.

Expanding the company into every imaginable area of the travel industry has only given Al Tahadi more leverage within the market.

Al Tahadi translates to “The Challenge” in English and this is a critical part within the company’s mindset, as we foresee the challenges and overcome them with ease. Al Tahadi recognizes the travel industry is being revolutionized by becoming more automated and has begun investing in online booking solutions. Our largest investment is in our agents and we ensure employee satisfaction by maintaining high quality human resource departments. Which in turn, translates to customers who have had their needs and requests fulfilled by exceptional service.

Currently, our sights are set on revolutionalizing online travel solutions as we continue to maintain the base of our travel agency.

Al Tahadi Travel Group

In addition to being an appointed general sales agent (GSA) for several airlines, Al Tahadi is in direct partnership with and represent APG (Air Promotional Group), an international airline distribution services company and Global Star Management (TMC). B2C and B2B travel services are provided with a dedicated international visa center and online travel insurance.

Al Tahadi branches are: –

  • Al Tahadi Travel and Tours (Head office) – Amman, Jordan ▪ Al Tahadi Branch in West Bank.
  • El Tahadi, Hajj and Umra.
  • Al Tahadi Branch, Baghdad.
  • Al Tahadi Branch for Corporate and MICE Travel.
  • Al Tahadi Branch for Inbound and Outbound Travel.
  • Adventure Travel and GSA of EagleRiders Motorcycle Tours ▪ Haya Travel and Tourism.
  • Travel Code Travel & Tourism Company.
  • Health Net Medical Tourism.
  • Ashal Travel and Tourism – KSA.

Our Local Branches

Amman – Head Quarter

Address: 7 Adbul Hamid Shouman St. Al Shmisani – Amman – Jordan
Phone: +962 567 3333
Mobile: +962 6 561 5561
E-mail: info@tahaditours.com.jo


Address: Irbid – Baghdad St. – Post Circle
E-mail: amin.i@tahaditours.com.jo
Phone: +962 2 7249595
Mobile: +962 79 554 1640

Haya Travel & Tourism Services

Address: 206 King Hussein St. Abdali – Amman
E-mail: info@hayatravel-jo.com
Phone: +962 6 5669336
Mobile: +962 79 625 7070

Al Sadiq Travel and Tours

Address: 7 Adbul Hamid Shouman St. Al Shmisani
E-mail: info@alsadiq-travel.com
Phone: +962 6 567 7217

Our Global Branches


Ashal Travel and Tours

Address: Qurish St., Qurish commercial center Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 6823954
Toll Free: 920003245
E-mail: info@ashaltravel.com


Al Tahadi Travel and Tours

Address: Rafedia street – Nablus – Palestine
Phone: +9709 238 1177
Mobile: +970 59 5581177


Ramz Al Tahadi for Travel & Tourism

Address: Al Karrada Kharej, 915 Almahalla, Zuqaq 9 St., Building 2
Phone: +964 790 1911601
E-mail: ramz@tahaditours.com.jo
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